High quality and professional move out cleaning service

Home2Home Cleaners are not behind when it comes to providing the best high-quality move out cleaning service.  We guarantee to give you top-notch move out cleaning service. We provide our move out cleaning service on your schedule time as we realize the importance of our customer’s time so you won’t experience any delay from our side. Furthermore, our dedicated team will clean all the areas of your property thoroughly. We have a professional and qualified team of men and women who are trained to put emphasis on the minor issues. You will be left amazed when you see the quality of work we perform in such a short time. We will clean the following areas:



In kitchen area we will clean all the shelves, sinks, pipes cabinets, floors, appliances, microwave etc. from inside and out. Your trash cans will be disinfected and rubbish will be disposed of.



In washroom area, we will remove all the stains and dirt from the toilets and tiles. If you have any blocked gutters we will unblock it. Washroom mirrors, lights, doors will be cleaned and wiped properly.



In bedroom area, we will vacuum and mop all the carpets and rugs. We will clean your ceiling fans, heaters, decorations, wardrobes, switchboards and floor cushions. Hence, we will leave your bedroom in top notch condition.

move out cleaning service

move out cleaning service

Living Room
In living room area we will clean, DVD/CD racks, cabinets, drawers, sofas, television and LCD screen, and windows.

Each and everything will be properly cleaned; no area will be left undone. Whether you ask for our move out cleaning service or move in cleaning service, you will not regret having our services. Do not feel shy and ask us questions that are bugging you. We will give you a satisfying prompt response so share your thoughts and worries with us. We are recognized as one of the leading home cleaning company in London.


So, request a free quote from us on our services:

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