Professional End of tenancy cleaning services

Since its inception, Home2home Cleaners has provided the best end of tenancy cleaning in Harrow, Barking and Ilford to its customers and has become one of the most reliable cleaning companies. Our professional cleaners know what our customers expect from the end of tenancy cleaning in Harrow, Barking and Ilford and how to deliver it. We have qualified cleaning professionals who will do their cleaning job with efficiency and precision. The cleaning job will be carried out in an organized way causing minimum disruption.

Our service of the end of tenancy cleaning in Harrow, Barking and Ilford will leave your house in tip-top condition. Hence, cleaning every nook and corner of the house from top to bottom. If our customer wants us to clean only specific areas of the room we can also do that. Our cleaners will ensure that the most used rooms of the house like kitchen, the bathroom, and the toilet are given extra time and effort while cleaning. This is done to make sure that your house is spotless leaving your landlord satisfied. You will get your full deposit back.

Professional Cleaning Service


We know that individuals look for a cleaning service that is not only reliable but affordable as well. Keeping this in mind we offer fair and competitive prices on our services. We also use advanced and highly effective cleaning equipment that will give you quick cleaning services. This will end up in reducing the service time and costs associated with it. Cost efficiency is one of our main priorities. We always feel pride in what we do and offer our customers.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning

In order to give your landlord a perfectly clean house, get it done by us. We advise you to always get your end of tenancy cleaning just before you decide to move out. Our professional cleaners, just to give you the best results will consume some of your precious time. So bear with us because you will get benefitted by it. We provide weekly, bi-weekly, regular and monthly cleaning services. We also provide emergency services 24/7 on weekends as well.




Why Choose Us?

  • With the end of tenancy cleaning services, you can add upholstery cleaning service, which makes it an ideal cleaning package.
  • We have experienced and trained cleaning team you can rely on for professional domestic cleaning 
  • We guarantee you 100% satisfaction and will exceed your expectations.
  • Our helpful and friendly customer representatives will guide and help you in choosing the cleaning services that will meet your requirements.
  • Our prices are fair with no hidden charges and we also give a free quote.
  • We provide emergency services and flexible scheduling time.

Hire us when you require end of tenancy cleaning services and get your full deposit back from your landlord. If you are a landlord then you will find new tenants quickly eager for your sparkling house. If you have queries about ur services, contact us immediately and get a free quote on the services of office cleaning in East Hosley and our carpet cleaning offers in London